Ricky Alvarez 
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Ricky Alvarez is a Mexican-American artist from San Diego, CA, now based in Brooklyn, NY. Growing up, Alvarez had a diverse background in athletics and art - which eventually led him to a successful career as a professional dancer. 
In 2015, while on his first world tour, Alvarez felt the call to pick up a camera to immortalize his experiences - capturing cityscapes and intimate portraits of his own communities. Alvarez quickly began to pick up momentum behind the lens and eventually departed the professional dance world to pursue photography full-time. Since then, Alvarez has worked with publications and clients such as Vogue, Vogue Mexico, Skims, Calvin Klein, Coach, and Tommy Hilfiger.
Alvarez’s work seeks to represent life’s contrasts, disruptions of form, fashion, identity, and his own cultural upbringing. 
For booking inquiries, please reach out to Tiffany Bloomfield (tiffany@delarevolucion.com).