Edmond Hawkins

Edmond Hawkins is a Brooklyn based comedy director, writer, and producer with a strong background in animation and visual effects. He directs live action as well as animation (often combining the two) and can make any crew size work.

Edmond has notably directed for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon [NBC], Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj [Netflix], and Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas [HBO] where he proudly served as the Studio and Sketch director for the full 2 season, 20 episode run.

Earlier in his career Edmond fine tuned his comedic sensibility while animating and crafting VFX for shows like Wondershowzen, Late Night, and Saturday Night Live, where he worked on countless live sketches and well over 100 commercial parodies and digital shorts. 

The Tonight Show w/  Jimmy Fallon “Christmas is All Around Me”  
The Patriot Act w/ Hasan Minhaj “Old Man Hasan”
Presidential Strength zzzQuil