Alima Lee

Alima Lee is a transdisciplinary artist of afrodiasporic origin both from and currently based in New York City. Their work explores themes of identity and intersectionality. They are a recent Frieze LA x Ghetto Film School Fellow and Co-Host of the radio show "Rave Reparations" on NTS. Working in an uninhibited range of mediums from video installation and photography to printmaking and sculpture, Alima is on an ever-constant freefall from structure. Their video work is currently on view at HVW8 Gallery in Berlin and has been presented at the Tate Modern, MOCA, Smithsonian African American Museum, Gavin Brown's Enterprise, and ICA Boston, among other global entities.

Calvin Klein Naturals 

Reebok x Pyer Moss 
Adidas x Stella McCartney ft Nia Dennis

Kelsey Lu “Im Not In Love”


Sudan Archives “Paid”

T Magazine “Found Family”